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niicegrind | Premium 4-piece Grinder

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niicegrind | Premium 4-piece Grinder

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niicegrind 4 Piece Multi-Chamber Grinder

niicegrind 4 piece grinders are a great way to make your herbs go even further. Manufactured using premium zinc alloy, with the right care these grinders can easily last you a lifetime. The strong interlocking teeth and specially engineered drop-through design work together to deliver a consistent, fine grind with ease. 

  • 4 Piece, 60mm diameter
  • Food Grade Zinc Alloy
  • Easy to Remove Screen
  • Drop Through Design
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The niicegrind multi-chamber grinder is back with a whole redesign including improved materials, tighter fit and a deeper sifting chamber so you can collect even more keif than ever before. 

Fine Grind

The niicegrind has custom built dual-blades that have been engineered to create a fluffy consistency that burns more evenly. This also protects the integrity of the terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a more potent experience with the exact same herb. 


Designed for your hands

When developing the niicegrind, we were determined to make it accessible for all, including those with limited dexterity. So we did. That’s why the niicegrind opens easily and your herbs can be ground with very little effort.


Unlike most generic grinders you can easily remove the screen for cleaning should it become blocked. There's 1 screen available (60 mesh) with this grinder to fit these grinders, each made from monofilament to give you a better yield than traditional stainless steel screens. This great feature also means you're able to switch your screens with a brand new one if it becomes damaged, meaning you don't have to buy a whole new grinder. 

The modular design gives you the flexibility to stack your grinder in various ways, from a simple 2 piece pocket-sized stack for storage, to a multi-layered grinding beast. 

The grinder also includes a clear viewing window to allow you to monitor your consumption.